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Company Overview

Producing First-Rate Customer Engagement

Digital Out of Home Interactive Media and Mobile Wireless Technology offers a unique opportunity to reach target audiences at SmartTouch Screen Display locations and through Wi-Fi-enabled mobile phones and devices. Going interactive and mobile with PowerWave provides consumers an interactive link to the places they are visiting, adding value to that experience. Consumers can instantly receive rich content such as promotional offers, video clips, song downloads and valuable location-based information, tools and applications.



Marketers and Brands

Through PowerWave’s growing network of rich media venues across Canada and the United States, brands and marketers are able to take advantage of our Interactive screens and mobile devise applications as a new, cutting edge and most importantly, measurable, content delivery channel.

PowerWave provides brands and marketers the opportunity to reach specific target groups at our SmartTouch Screens and on their mobile phones through a network of displays installed at locations such as, retail centers, sports and entertainment venues, travel/tourism destinations, and campus districts.

Marketing and Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Maximize marketing expenditures through established network
  • Buy time and space on small or large networks
  • Target sales to specific audiences (eg. youth market.)
  • Target campaigns at specific geographic regions (eg. Downtown Toronto)
  • Change and update campaigns instantly and regularly
  • Sponsor premium content such as news, games and other free downloads
  • Set-up short-term MARKETING network for events and special promotions
  • Create new and innovate applications for clients and locations

Custom Applications

Mobile Media Solutions

PowerWave assists companies in developing and customizing effective mobile media solutions and applications. Maximize your mobile strategy by tapping into PowerWave’s innovation and creativity to better interact with target audiences through their mobile phones. Each location and user connection is unique – and PowerWave can help customize your approach to the mobile market.

  • Create customized applications: build interactive platforms for Mobile messaging systems, such as incentive and loyalty programs
  • Deliver eco-friendly content to customers: electronic flyers can be sent directly to mobile phones and updated regularly
  • Customer engagement: use wireless technology to add value to customer experience and to drive location sales
  • Mobile Media content development: develop content to maximize mobile experience

Network Development

Building Rich Media Venues

PowerWave works with companies and organizations to identify and develop rich media properties in which to deploy wireless location-based services and technologies. PowerWave develops mobile media zones that open up new channels of communication for businesses wanting to make direct one-to-one connections with consumers. We are currently using Digital Out of Home and Mobile wireless technology and dynamic location-specific software applications to build a growing network across Canada and the United States.

Network Development

  • Assist companies in building networks of wireless location-based systems
  • Assist in introducing leading-edge mobile technology to retail sites and other consumer-facing locations
  • Develop customized user experiences that build value based on customer needs and requirements such as incentive and loyalty programs
  • Work with marketing team to customize mobile media programs

Network Partnerships

  • Assist site owners and operators to create value added experiences for the clients and visitors
  • Work together to develop and maximize mobile media revenues
  • Provide comprehensive back-end technical support